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Information Technology Essays

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Android-Arduino Communication System

The paper is concerned with the Android-Arduino communication and Computer – communication by integrating mobile wheel robots with X-Bee communication…

Theories of Belbin

The co-ordinator is a person-oriented leader. This person is trusting, accepting, dominant and is committed to team goals and objectives.

Electronic Notice Board Software

ENB project was created to modernise the classic means of communication through the pin and paperboard based communication to the more efficient and…

Content-based Image Retrieval (CBIR) System

Nowadays, in the most of areas it is necessary to work with large amounts of growing visual and multimedia data, at the same time, the number of…

Side Effects of Computer Addiction

In the current paper we will explore the problem of computer addiction with the emphasis made on its bad effects and possible solutions that might be…

Phishing and Pharming Attacks

Phishing are internet frauds or identity thefts that use to acquire or steal targeted victim’s sensitive information like personal identity data or…

Misuse of Information Technology

There are some rules to be followed and standard to direct and control conduct of an individual at professional level. Most of the professional…

Strategic Management and Information Systems

Strategic management is a level of managerial activity under setting goals and over Tactics. Strategic management provides overall direction to the…

Problems Faced Before ERP Implementation

Some data, coming from SAP R/3, goes directly into SAP NetWeaver BI data marts. But the rest, which comes from diverse systems that handle billing…

The Importance of Feasibility Analysis

This report analyses the importance of Feasibility Analysis to businesses when they are deciding on the viability of a proposed business venture…

Importance of and Benefits of E-Banking

The usage of e banking by the enterprises came into existence in mid 90’s.e banking came into existence in greater numbers because of low operating costs.

Role of a Software Developer

Some people spend years of time knuckled down to study at the university campus, and hope to be able to find an ideal satisfactory work after graduation…

Ray Ozzie’s Role at Microsoft

Ray Ozzie worked well on the creation of new strategies for the Microsoft such as going live and being more interactive with its users.

Home Appliances Control Using RF

7805 is an integrated three-terminal positive fixed linear voltage regulator. It supports an input voltage of 7 volts to 35 volts and output voltage of…

Web Development in Business

We ensure seamless and continuous web development through the optimal control and visibility into the workflow. We integrate well-suitable project…

Negative Impacts of Information Technology

Essay on the negative effects of information technology. We believe the advancement of technology has negatively impacted our language proficiency…

Impact of Master Data Management

This research deals with assessing the importance of Master Data Management in an organization and the impacts it has when making decisions.

Impact of Technology on Information

Write 1500-2000 words explaining with example how technology has changed the way information is used. Your essay should cover four technologies.

Microsoft Corporation Company Review

Microsoft Corporation has a wide range of products under its belt. It is critical for a company of this size to manage its organisational strategies and…